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Trebuchet 12: Realities [Worldwide]

Trebuchet 12: Realities [Worldwide]

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Realities: Different Visions of the Real


Tavares Strachan: Institutions, Language And Realities

Nazir Tanbouli: Dream Symbols

Sofia Crespo: What Shadows Find Us

Mark Tansey: Reality Bleeds: When Is A Painting Not A Painting?

Nathalie Djurberg & Hans Berg: Horny, Hybrid Animals: Avatars Of Pleasure, Signifiers Of Something

Mitch Griffiths: Click Mythologies

Tai Shani: Dreams Of Resistance, Shadows Of Action

Brad Evans: Conflicting Interests

Tony Cragg: Feeling Through The Mind Of Material

Damien Hirst: Fantasies of Eternity

Jake & Dinos Chapman

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Mitch Griffiths, The Verified One, 2018. Photo: Tom Carter Photography Ltd., Courtesy of Mitch Griffiths/Halcyon Gallery © Mitch Griffiths 2022