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Trebuchet 2: Structure and Architecture [Download]

Trebuchet 2: Structure and Architecture [Download]

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Coldcut, Ninja Tune and Technology
The Progression of Matt Black

Narcissism or Self Portraiture: a problem solved?
Gavin Turk on architectural process and the clear idea

Geometry, Dreams and Light
Stuart Forbes on Richard Rogers, Architecture and the Grand Process

Perceiving the space that Holds the Stars
Professor Bobby Acharya on science's approach to the depth of dimensions

Jeremy Corbyn’s Allotment
Grass Roots and Green Shoots

Why We Bomb Cities
The Urban Stockade Archetypes and myth

Nostalgic Uptopias: Allotments in space
Tom Ormond on fading architecture and dream science

Object-Oriented Ontology and Architecture
Graham Harman and the Struggle of New Ideas

The Juncture of Three Places

Relational Cognition… Changing Minds. Trains of Thought.
Median Wave Dynamics

Reverb, spatialisation. Alphorns. In the shadow of Sunn O)))
Stephen O'Malley on Centre Pompidou and the caves of the Dordogne

London and its Undercurrents
Cycling the course of Truman Burbank and the Tyburn

Plus interviews and perspectives with leading global architects


Issue 2 is set in the world of architecture and structure. Our aim is to show the breadth of expertise, vision and partnership that create the contemporary world of building design.