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Trebuchet 1: Art Curation [Download]

Trebuchet 1: Art Curation [Download]

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A topic led quarterly that investigates a specific creative world.

Issue 1 is set in the world of creators, curators, gallerists, and creators of public art forums. Our aim is to show the breadth of expertise, vision and partnership that create the contemporary art world.


Sarah Lucas and Wim Wenders: Open Windows to Reflected Worlds
Amon Tobin: ISAM revisited, Projection mapping and refuting Pop
Curator as Artist: The subtle invitations of Joseph Beuys 
Collected Minds: TED Talks and Social change
Walls Behind Bars: Bringing International Art into Lithuanian Youth Prisons
Contemporary Patronage: Money, access and growth
Bringing Community Curation online: Network Awesome
A Question of Science: Arts Catalyst


Plus interviews and perspectives with 20 of London's leading curators.

168 pages. March 2017 release.