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Trebuchet 4: The Body [Download]

Trebuchet 4: The Body [Download]

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Electricity and Transhuman Music       
James Sclavunos & Michaela Davies Explore Agency and Transgression

John Stezaker at the Approach 
Conceptualist and romantic photo-collagist provides insight into depiction

Contentious Nudes        
Edward Lucie-Smith on the revolutionary impulse

Suffering and transformation    
The body as a symbol for psychic change

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The Canadian Celtic diaspora and the New World online

A rich body of data
The flows and forms of MutualArt

Modern patronage   
The inside edge of the Montblanc Cultural Foundation

Artist interviews with:

Mothmeister, Stelarc, Louis Cole (Knower), Bert Gilbert, Adam Dix, Katharine Dowson, Martha Parsey, Ron Athey, Mike Laird, Andrew Litten, Damien Meade, Gail Olding, Sarah Sitkin, Nestor Pestana