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Trebuchet 10 : Materials II [Download]

Trebuchet 10 : Materials II [Download]

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Material II

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Materials explores how different artists approach the use of a specific medium. 

Featuring exclusive interviews, articles and art by:

  • Marina Abramović (The body)
  • Michael Armitage (Wood)
  • Dara Birnbaum (Television)
  • Gerald Chukwuma (Wood)
  • Cerith Wyn Evans (Neon)
  • Crystal Fischetti (Fabric)
  • Sam McKinniss (Celebrity)
  • Ed Ruscha (Words)
  • Sickboy (Spray Paint)
  • Syrett (Nail Varnish) 
  • Edmund de Waal (Porcelain)
  • And more.

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Cover Artist: Gerald Chukwuma